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     SNN in the Classroom

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  •  Senior Lesson Plans
    Writing an Article for Online Publication
    Writing News Summaries
    Using Writing to Explore the Importance of Pastimes
    People Who Inspire Us: A Biography Lesson
    Learning About Space: A Web Scavenger Hunt
    Understanding Our Treatment of Others: A Writing Exercise
    School Violence: Examining Recent Trends
    When Students Don't Clique: Breaking Down Group Barriers
    Endangered Species: A Science Lesson
    Exploring Canadian Provinces and Territories
    Screening the Silver Screen: Writing Movie Reviews
    Critical Writing: Arts Reviews
    Evaluating Journalistic Techniques in Reflecting on the Career of Michael Jordan
    Exploring the Music World Through Reviews and Research
    Writing Opinion Pieces About Meaningful Issues to Students
    Writing Letters to the Editor
    Analyzing News: A Practical Framework for Teaching Students
    Using Feature Writing to Illustrate With Words
    Understanding the Dangers of Drugs/Steroids
    Investigative Journalism on the Causes, Effects and Methods to Control Air Pollution
    A Thesis Statement vs A Lede
    Persuasive/Argumentative Essay vs Opinion Writing
    Learning History Through Media: Reporting the Past
    News Summaries for French Class (for French immersion and French-speaking schools)
    Student Broadcasters

     Junior Lesson Plans
    Exploring the Five Ws of News
    Writing an Article
    My Community: A Descriptive Writing Activity
    Beginning of the Year Autobiography
    Student Broadcasters
    Understanding Our Treatment of Others: A Writing Exercise
    Writing About Endangered Species: A Web Scavenger Hunt
    Search for Keywords
    Compare T.V. News Broadcasts
    A Profile From a Family
    Profiles in Courage and Character
    And the News is...

    Search for Key Words
    A Profile From Your Family
    Exploring the Five W's of News
    Profiles in Courage and Character
    Compare T.V. News Broadcasts
    Using News Releases as Source Material
    Reporting on the past
    On the Spot News
    Turning News into history
    Exploring your local science community
    Reporting on developments in science
    Surveying the land and sea
    Adventures at home and abroad
    Examining geographic phenomenon
    Using journalism to teach French Immersion
    French as a first language

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