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The devastating impact of war in the 21st century

With Remembrance Day just in the past, the media is inundating us with stories, tributes, and memorials regarding the war veterans.
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Teens turn to drugs despite the consequences

Despite all of the efforts made to educate people, especially teenagers, about the potential dangers of narcotics, drug use among teens is a severe problem. Illegal drugs are becoming both more accessible and stronger.
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Teen mother experiences joys and struggles

This year has been one of the hardest years of my life. I am a fifteen year old girl. I am different from the rest of my grade - I am a teen parent. I have a thirteen month old son.
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Pokémon: Dangerous trend or harmless fun?

Parents, guardians and teachers all over the nation are asking themselves that very question. It must be difficult when a 9-year-old child races home from school, flops down in front of the television to the battles and violence of Pokémon.
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Student athletes juggle school work and time on the road

Ten math questions, a language assignment, physics homework and studying for a chemistry test, all to be done for Mondays classes. Not a problem you think, right? You would have all weekend to do it!
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Asteroids hits Rock Bottom

Through the commercials they blasted through the tube for weeks on end and the mind-numbing pleasure of the original and highly addictive product, I was sucked into the hype about the Asteroids game and gave it a try.
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