On April 1, 1999, the map of Canada changed for the first time in 50 years when the country welcomed its newest territory - Nunavut. The last change was in 1949 when Newfoundland and Labrador became the country's tenth province.

The SchoolNet News Network used the World Wide Web and satellite technology to produce a live Webcast on the Nunavut ceremonies in the capital city of Iqaluit.

Starting at 11:20 am (Eastern time), SNN reporters Ian Foster and Emma Hann hosted a broadcast on the Web from St. John's, Newfoundland. The program featured background information and video images from Nunavut and a live interview with Tina Rose, a high school student from Iqaluit.

Then, SNN broadcasted the protocol ceremony from Iqaluit, a colourful event that featured cultural performances and the unveiling of Nunavut's new flag and coat of arms.

Opening remarks with SNN
hosts Ian Foster and Emma Hann

Throat Singers

Native Drums

Nunavut Performer

Revealing of the Flag
and Coat of Arms

Susan Aglukark

Closing remarks with SNN hosts
Ian Foster and Emma Hann

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The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

The Nunavut Implementation Commission

The Department of Indian and Northern Affairs


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