A Teacher's Guide


As a teacher and lifetime learner, one of the powerful and rewarding instructional tools you have at your disposal is the Internet. Resources and answers that would normally take you hours and days to find an answer for are now available to you within seconds and not only answered but expounded upon. Due to its timeliness and currency, the Internet can expand that moment with pictures, facts and human stories that make learning come alive.

As Florence McGinn stated "the most beautiful thing that technology can offer is the individualization of education that will cross the gaps that students fall between". McGinn went on to say that technology and the internet enables teachers and students from all over the world to be connected; then collaborative learning can occur.

SchoolNet News Network (SNN) is part of this new learning process and we are committed to working with teachers to successfully integrate online learning and journalism into the classroom.

SNN's primary objectives are to assist you, the teacher, bring media education into the classroom and to provide your students with additional tools to develop their writing, research and reporting skills. As well, SNN provides your students with a safe, educational and structured environment on the internet to publish their articles.

Through media education and journalism, your students are taking part in a new teaching environment which will help them in their future careers.

Take a moment to review the information provided in our Teacher's Handbook

If you have any questions, or are interested in having your students participate in SNN contact SNN by email or by phone: 709-737-2611; fax: 709-737-2049.


A Teacher's Handbook - PDF format (259kb)