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Drug Free Zone gets District of Hope approval

As of February 28, the leadership class and the Student Advisory Council at Hope Secondary School and the Town Council of Hope recognized the area around the school as a "Drug Free Zone".
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What to do when a six-year-old kills?

Murder is unquestionably the most serious crime that can be committed by the human hand. So how do we punish the criminals who are responsible?
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An Affair to Remember?

For years it was denied being possible and it still is by some adamant, cynical people. What I'm referring to is the relationship between former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson and one of his slaves, Sally Hemmings. Through DNA testing it has been proven that not only were they romantically involved, but that he fathered at least one of her children.
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Checking out the buzz on this year's Oscars

What are you doing March 26th? You better turn to ABC because The Oscars are starting!
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Hockey "hit" by violent attack

Hockey fans around the world were shocked to see the vicious act at General Motors Place by Marty McSorley on the Canuck's Donald Brashear.
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