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Winter Games


Thanks Canada -- the pleasure was all ours!

We are no longer anticipating the arrival of the games. They have arrived and the dream is real. The excitement has grown and inflated over the past four years and is now ready to explode.
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Students and teachers open Education Week with webcast ceremony

Education Week in Newfoundland began on March 1 with an opening ceremony at Holy Sprit High School in Manuels.
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Tear-away pants: practical clothing or fashion statement?

I have found another object of distraction. It is another article of clothing, which is very popular, stylish and, supposedly, useful.
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Good and evil face off in thrilling fantasy

Villains By Necessity by Eve Forward is a deep dive into a pool of fantasy and it's a great book for an author's first novel.
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Student wins major scholarship for extra-curricular activities

Jeff Baggs, a Grade 12 student at Bishops College in St. John's, has won the Canadian Merit Scholarship.
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Junior Reporters


Students turn trash into Cash through recycling

Recycling in St. Kevin's has been a very important part of our fundraising. It is also a big part in helping our environment.
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