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Meet some of the student reporters who contributed to SNN.

Nira Diamant
Winnipeg, MB

Nira attends Tec-Voc School in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She loves writing, talking with people and hopes to become a videographer. This is her first year on the editorial board.

Lindsey House
Port Saunders, NL

Lindsey is a grade 12 student at Roncalli Central High in Port Saunders, Newfoundland. She is 17 years old and is really involved with Karate and currently has a blue belt. She spends the rest of her free time volunteering, reading, learning how to knit and of course, writing. She likes to write about all kinds of things ~ things that are or can be relevant to the whole world and likes to take a different approach on stories.

Sarah King
Bay Roberts, NL

Sarah is a grade 11 student at Ascension Collegiate in Bay Roberts. Favourite TV shows include Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER and 60 Minutes. My favorite bands are ABBA, Creed, the BeeGees, Ice Cube and Sugar Ray. Even though I am a Generation X-er, I love 70's music. When I'm not writing intelligent, coherent articles for SNN, I like to hang out with friends, talk on the phone and chat on MSN Messenger. After high school, I would like to pursue a career in journalism. But first I have to make it through university.

Julia Klassen
Winkler, MB

Julia is in her final year at Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler, Manitoba and enjoys roller blading, swimming, and basically playing just about any team sport. She is also interested in photography and enjoys scrapbooking when she can find the time. This is her second year as a senior editor for SNN. She enjoys exchanging ideas, discussing story topics and getting to know people.

Farah Kurji
Richmond, BC

Farah is in grade twelve, is seventeen years old and attends Hugh Boyd Secondary in Richmond, British Columbia. She likes reading, writing, listening to music, watching hockey and of course hangin with her buds. She is Student Council Communications Director at her school, an Education for development high school rep with UNICEF, a member of grad committee and a writer for youthink newspaper in BC.

Erin Penney
King's Cove, NL

Erin is a grade 10 student at St Marks School in King's Cove. She is involved in the school choir, drama club and math tutoring. Her favourite hobbies: playing the piano and violin. Erin enjoys writing about people and events that have a major impact on people and that matter to them. After school she plans on attending Memorial University of Newfoundland, and eventually pursuing a career in journalism or teaching. Before graduating from university though her big goal is to backpack Europe.

Jennifer Wu
Port Saunders, NL

Jennifer attends Roncalli Central High in Port Saunders, Newfoundland where she is a grade 12 student After she graduates, she is thinking about going to Memorial University in St. John's to major in Education/English, to become a teacher. Jennifer is taking Broadcast Journalism at her school. She takes part in their Teen TV program and is the producer for Roncalli Radio, which is a radio "show" we air on our local ad channel. She also enjoys being with her friends, reading & writing, and is learning how to play the flute!

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