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Human rights violated in Afghanistan

United Nations officials say women's human rights are violated in Afghanistan.
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A leader from the last millennium: Gandhi preached peace

A few weeks ago, as I was flipping through various television channels saturated with pre-millennial hype, I came across yet another millennium awards show, recognizing several important events and people of the past 1000 years.
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Strangers in a strange land!

A look at Cole Harbour's Foreign Exchange Students for the year 1999-2000.
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"The Green Mile" deserves four-star rating

Tired of all the comedy movies currently playing in theaters? Do you want to see a good, dramatic film? Or do you need to watch a good tear-jerker movie? Then, you should definitely go see The Green Mile!
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Star Trek advances life at warp speed

Star Trek has entertained generations of fans, as well as explored some fascinating scientific theories. From the vivid imagination of creator Gene Roddenberry came notions of alien races, matter-energy conversion, and faster than light travel. The show itself is fiction, yet the technology behind it may soon be within our reach.
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