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Student Journalist of the Year


NOTE:  This AWARD is no longer available



1st Place Kristen Williams, St. John's, NL
2nd Place Sol Martin, Fredericton, NB
3rd Place Rosel Kim, North Vancouver, BC

1st Place Jennifer Wu, Port Saunders, NL
2nd Place Kayla Hounsell, Gander, NL
3rd Place Brendan Kennedy, Toronto ON

lst Place Beverley Yu, Markham, ON
2nd Place Shoilee Khan, Mississauga, ON
3rd Place Jacqueline Friesen, Winkler, MB

1st Place Jillian Dollimont-Caines, Port Saunders, NL
2nd Place Allison Barnes, Thunder Bay, ON
3rd Place Lily Smallwood, Port Saunders, NL


One of the goals of SNN and RDR is to encourage excellence among student journalists. That is why we're proud to announce a new award that recognizes young reporters and writers who have stood out among their peers - the Student Journalist of the Year Award.

This award is not based on a single story. Instead, the judges will look at the student's portfolio of work from the entire academic year.  The Award is open to both english and french language students. That will allow the panel to assess the journalist's growth over the months and their scope as a reporter. Students can win up to $500 cash.

SNN /RDR will award 3 prizes: 1st Prize ~ $500, 2nd Prize: $300, 3rd Prize $150


  • The work must reflect a student journalist's best stories over the course of the academic year.

  • The portfolio should include stories from different genres: news, opinion, profile, sports, entertainment. Stories should reflect issues facing students in their schools, their communities and globally. Issues might include education, social issues such as racism, discrimination, poverty, human rights, the environment and teen issues such as peer pressure, friendship, teen image, etc.

  • The entries should feature thorough research, original interviews, and excellent writing.

  • Multimedia elements will enhance an entry (ie: photos, images, video or audio).



  • The work must be completed and published/broadcast between September 1, 2003 and May 4, 2004.

  • The portfolio must include three separate stories. A series of stories on the same topic will count as one story.

  • However, at least two articles must have been published in SNN or RDR while the other article must have appeared in other media: community papers, school papers, church newsletters, radio, tv. OR all three articles must be published in SNN or RDR.

  • The student must be registered in a recognized secondary school during the prescribed period.
  • SNN/RDR reserves the right to postpone or cancel the SNN/RDR award at any time.



  • Students must send their entries to SNN/RDR by May 4, 2004. They can be submitted via email with word/wordperfect attachment, by regular mail or courier or by email.

  • We will not accept fax copies or unpublished versions of stories.


  • The judges will include professional journalists, journalism educators, scholastic press organizations and other relevant groups. Students' work will be judged in their own language (english or french) not in translation.


  • The winners will each receive an award naming them Student Journalist of the Year 2003-2004. Three winners will be chosen as noted above.


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