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Radio: Equipment you will need

We've put together some suggestions on choices (microphone, headphones, adaptors, and either a portable cassette tape recorder or a mini-disc recorder) you will need when gathering material for your radio story.

You need a recorder and a microphone. Built-in mics just don't cut it (unless you just can't get your hands on anything else).

Radio reporters tell SNN that Sony minidisc recorders are the best.

Sony Net MD Walkmans Portable Minidisc Recorders: MZN505S and MZN707S are two recommended models. Costs range between $300-$400.

Cassette recorders will do as well. Several Sony models will fit the bill. Costs range between $100 - $400 - depends on how much you can spend and quality you are looking for.
Here are some models to check out: Sony Cassette Recording Walkmans: WMGX400 and WMSR1; Cassette Recorders: TCM465V and TCM900DV.

You need a mic if you are going to interview someone. Cost range from $100 to $200. Shure SM-58 microphone, Electrovoice RE-50, Electrovoice RE50 and Audio Technica AT8358 are mics that work well.

You'll need an adaptor to connect mics to your recorder: Sony molded right-angle XLR. Check at your local electronics store for this adaptor and others.

If you are doing recording, you'll need a headphone. Headphones are necessary to check your sound. What you hear and what your mic hears are often different things, so wear the headphones to make sure there are no humming sounds that will disrupt your recordings.

Your Computer
You'll need a sound card to put your audio recording onto your computer. Most computers have sound cards. Check your computer to find the name of your soundcard. The quality of your sound card will make a difference to the quality of your audio. CoolEdit recommends a 16-bit sound card. Based on the amount of digital recording you do and the sound you are getting, you may want to upgrade your soundcard.

The connection
Once you have determined your soundcard capabilities, it is time to hook your recorder to your computer in order to transfer the audio onto your computer. You will need a mini-jack to connect the two. Usually your needs will be satisfied by a stereo mini-to-mini jack for sound input and output (approx. $10 at your local electronics store).

If you want to record from your microphone, connect its cable to your sound card's Mic In (or mic) port.

If you want to record from another source, such as your tape player or keyboard, attach its cable to your sound card's Line In port. As mentioned above you will need an adapter in order to attach a stereo component (such as your minidisk or cassette recorder)to your sound card.

To set up your computer for audio recording, check out CoolEdit's How-to Guide:

Still Confused!Go to your local electronics store and chat with the sales rep. Tell them what you want to do....they will help you find what you need.



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