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PLEASE NOTE:  This website is no longer staffed.  It will be left on the internet as a resource for students and teachers.


Promoting student growth and community development through journalism.

Mission Statement
SchoolNet News Network (SNN) / Redaction de Rescol (RDR)
connects Canadian students, teachers and the media community in a collaborative learning environment to stimulate student participation in journalism education.


  1. To provide a voice for Canadian students to tell their stories.
  2. To bring SNN/RDR to students and teachers in every school throughout Canada.
  3. To encourage integration of SNN/RDR activities into school curriculum.
  4. To build a community of students, teachers and journalists focussed on the development of journalism, communication and critical-thinking skills
  5. To use online journalistic activities to stimulate student interest in media, current events, social issues and global community development.
  6. To help teachers throughout Canada bring online technology and media studies into their classrooms.
  7. To connect students, teachers and schools throughout Canada by developing collaborative learning projects.
  8. To use broadband technology to increase student production of high-quality, multi-media content.
  9. To foster cooperation with media organizations across Canada in order to maintain SNN/RDR's mentorship program.
  10. To develop partnerships with educational institutions, media organizations, provincial/federal government department and the corporate sector.

The SNN/RDR project is composed of three (3) elements:

Media awareness and literacy: Through its classroom components, the project tries to show students how the news media works and encourages them to think critically about what they read, see and hear in newspapers, radio and television broadcasts and online media.

Journalism education: Through its Reporter's Toolbox  the project helps students develop the skills they need to report, research and write/produce stories in a journalistic style.

Online publication and broadcast: This website no longer publishes student work.  However, through the SNN Student Magazine, the website provides student reporters and teachers with samples of student work both in print, radio and television format and links them to student publications.   

SNN/RDR is guided by these principles:

The project must be accessible to students and teachers across Canada regardless of their access to high end computer equipment.

The SNN/RDR project was originally managed by the SNN and RDR coordinators with input from the Student Editorial Board, the SNN Advisory Board, STEM~Net and Canada's SchoolNet. However project funding ended in June, 2004 and therefore the SNN/RDR project and website is no longer staffed.

The SNN/RDR website resources remain online for use by students, teachers and other interested parties.

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