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GrassRoots Communities@ca

GrassRoots Communities@ca announces winners of there for 1999 - 2000.
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Human Rights

If students are wondering what they can do to fight for human rights, an organization called Amnesty International has the answer.
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International Reporters


World-first student research program provides inspiration for all

High school students will be able to have a real say in future education policies in a world-first scheme launched in Adelaide today.
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What drives people to shoplift?

What drives people to shoplift? Is it that they don’t have any money? Or are they trying to act cool or daring around their friends? Maybe they do have money, but they’re not in the mood to pay. Whatever the reason, shoplifters affect everybody and the consequences of shoplifting can be a burden on everyone.
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My Experience as a Journalist for CBC Radio

Monday, February 21, 2000 was the day that Derek Kaemingk and I would learn what it takes to be a journalist.
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CD: Aqua - Aquarius

Three tedious years have crawled by before this capricious Danish quartette introduced a new album after their highly successful debut chart-topper Aquarium. Right out of the recording studios in Scandinavia, Aquarius is yet another Europop/Dance collection Aqua has released to the worldwide market.
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