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Canadian Heroes Essay Contest

Canadian Heroes Essay Contest Winners!

Dozens of Canadian students took the time to tell us about their heroes. And the judges in the Canadian Heroes Essay Contest had the pleasure of reading a wide variety of stories about inspiring and fascinating Canadians.
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Students talk to Julie Payette in space via Internet

On Tuesday, June 1st, students from all over the world gathered in front of their computer screens -- not to watch any type of sport or a new hit movie but a live Webcast from space.
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From the editor's desk: SNN and the year it's been

Another year has flown by and we take a moment to look back and reflect on the changes that have taken place.
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Drama festival puts young talent on stage

On April 19th to the 21st , the Avalon East School Drama Association held its 1999 annual High School Drama Festival. This festival, comprised of plays representing 15 schools from the region, took place on the main stage of the St. John's Arts and Culture Center.
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Newfoundland writer makes mark on literary world

He's published ten books so far, making him one of Newfoundland's most prolific and popular writers. But Kevin Major still gets up each morning and thinks about what he'll write about next.
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Three players change the future of Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship last year with star players Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen. This year, the highly acclaimed team appears to be in shambles following a major internal shakeup.
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Junior Reporters


A day in the life of a family

Hi. I am reporter. I am interviewing this family. There is a brother, two sisters, a mom, a dad, and an aunt. We are going to talk to the little one...
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