Students talk to Julie Payette in space via Internet

By Sarah King
Amalgamated Academy
Bay Roberts, Newfoundland

On Tuesday, June 1st, students from all over the world gathered in front of their computer screens -- not to watch any type of sport or a new hit movie but a live Webcast from space.

Canadian students had an opportunity to ask questions to Julie Payette , a Canadian astronaut on mission STS-96, during a downlink with the Space Shuttle at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, Ontario.

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Industry Minister John Manley joined the students online to speak with Payette in space! The downlink and Webcast were organized by Canada's SchoolNet and the Canadian Space Agency.

Students from all over Canada sent in questions and they ranged from silly "Are you able to follow the Stanley Cup playoffs from space?" to inspiring "I want to be an astronaut when I get older. What to I have to do to be one?"

Julie Payette
Canadian Space Agency Photo

Payette, the above mentioned 1st Canadian on the Space Shuttle, answered questions from Nunavut, British Columbia, Ontario and various other provinces.

This Webcast was a delight for all because of its bilingual status. Half of the questions were in French and the other half were asked in English.

And in case you were wondering, yes, it is possible to follow hockey in space. Via Internet of course!!