From the editor's desk: SNN and the year it's been

By Jen Wiebe, Editor
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

Another year has flown by and we take a moment to look back and reflect on the changes that have taken place. It was a big year in the news world -- losing ourselves in the Clinton-Lewinsky saga, and keeping up to date on the devastating Kosovo crisis. The school shootings in Littleton, Colorado; Taber, Alberta; and Atlanta, Georgia have shocked us all and we mourned with the families who have lost students they love. John Glen returned to space last October as the oldest man ever to complete this mission.

SNN has had a few "lift-offs" of its own this year, although not into outer space. Two Webcasts were broadcast, one from Nunavat in April and the other from Corner Brook, Newfoundland during the Canada Winter Games in February. Kelly Boyes, a student at GVC in Manitoba, managed to have her SNN sports article linked to the TSN webpage.

SNN has represented schools from across Canada. Amber Zirnhelt of Columneetza Senior Secondary in Williams Lake, B.C. has had several articles published, including an excellent look at time management and how students can keep their daily priorities straight. Chad Anderson, of Savanna School in Spirit River, Alberta, offered an interesting opinion article on "practical" tear-away pants. From Ontario, Geoffrey Legault of Woodlands Public School promoted Alta Vista's new search engine last October. For sports, Reg Froese in Manitoba told of his crushing experience of being injured before the "Big Game."

In August, SNN received two opposing views on the movie "Saving Private Ryan," both from students attending Roncalli Central High in Port Saunders, Newfoundland. Judy Symes and Erika Lavers didn't exactly see "eye-to-eye"on that one. Also from Newfoundland came a profile of women in the media and how it effects those who look up to them. Jillian Freeman of I. J. Samson Jr. High in St. John's did a wonderful job of researching her topics.

These are only a few examples of what one can experience and discover as an SNN writer and reader. SNN looks forward to more contributions from these and other students across the country in the year ahead.

Meanwhile, SNN and RDR were big winners at this year's AMTEC Media Festival, held in Ottawa earlier this month. Each year, the Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada asks for submissions from students, educators, technology companies and groups who produce educational Websites, CD-Roms, and videos.

SNN/RDR won the Award of Excellence in its category -- interactive and instructional material produced by the government, commercial or industrial sector. In addition, the program was awarded the Canadian Education Association Achievement Award for the outstanding media program of the AMTEC Media Festival.

I hope all of our readers return to SNN for youth-oriented news in the fall and I look forward again to working with my fellow SNN writers.