Newfoundland writer makes mark on literary world

He's published ten books so far, making him one of Newfoundland's most prolific and popular writers. But Kevin Major still gets up each morning and thinks about what he'll write about next.
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Teen Magazines

Many of the teen magazines today focus on a teen's looks, how much money he/she has, and the material things in life. When I read one of these magazines I often wonder: who exactly are these magazines written for?
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Social Butterfly

If you think beauty and brains are mutually exclusive, you'll find a surprise in the Papillion.
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Is it Really Worth It?

Anorexia is a big factor in Erin Dowling's life. She is a 16-year-old girl from Winkler, Manitoba.
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A missionary's story about Africa

Some people may wonder what it means to be a missionary, and go to different places that are completely foreign to you.
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