Three players change the future of Chicago Bulls

By Sheri Dwyer
I.J. Samson Junior High
St. John's Newfoundland


The Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship last year with star players Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen. This year, the highly acclaimed team appears to be in shambles following a major internal shakeup.

Jordan announced his retirement before this season began, and both Pippen and Rodman were traded to other teams. While it is true that three players do not make a full team, the impact these three key players had on the overall performance of the team was enormous.

Michael Jordan, # 23, known as a basketball legend, played for the Chicago Bulls for 14 years. He was a great basketball player who displayed versatile talents on and off the basketball court. Besides endorsing athletic products and creating his own line of clothing and sneakers, he has acted in movies as well. His fans, young and old, were inspired by his meticulous

It is interesting to note that Jordan didn't even make his High School basketball team but still went on to become one of the greatest basketball players that ever lived. He is living proof to what anyone can accomplish with determination and hard work.

Announcing his retirement on January 13, 1999, Jordan stated that he wanted to retire knowing that he could still play the game. He played his last game on June 14, 1998. It was a championship game against Utah Jazz.

Michael Jordan

Dennis Rodman, NBA's greatest rebounder, played with the Bulls for three seasons. This 37-year-old NBA player is probably best known for his wild hair, tattoos, and crazy attitude. In addition to basketball, Rodman had varied interests. He has done some acting, a notable movie being Double Team, and has also appeared in many others. He also wrote a book entitled,
Born To Be Wild.

At the beginning of this season, Rodman was traded to the LA Lakers. However, he was
waived by the Lakers when he showed up an hour late for practice and used the excuse that he couldn't find his sneakers. Rodman has a wild attitude, 19 tattoos, and has been said to change the colour of his hair more than he changes his underwear.

Scottie Pippen, on the other hand, played with the Chicago Bulls for 11 years. He is 33 years old and played with Michael Jordan practically throughout his entire NBA career. After winning the championship at the end of last season, Pippen said he would only come back to the Bulls if Jordan did.

Following Jordan's retirement, Pippen was traded to the Houston Rockets. Pippen is now one of the most valuable players in the NBA, who also inspires so many people around the world.

These three players of the NBA had a tremendous positive impact on the Bulls, the fans that pay thousands of dollars for season tickets in the nosebleed section, and the fans that get the best seats in the house. As a result of losing these star players right before the season of '98-'99, The Chicago Bulls' popularity with the basketball fans around the world remains at stake .