Junior Reporters

A day in the life of a family

By Jaleesa Hawco
St. John's, Newfoundland

Hi. I am reporter. I am interviewing this family. There is a brother, two sisters, a mom, a dad, and an aunt. We are going to talk to the little one...

The Family
"Hi, my name is Nina and I have a big problem. I am too small. When my brother wants something, he gets it. And my sister: don't even go there! When she wants to sleep over at her friend's house, she doesn't even have to ask. But when I want something, it's always NO!!!

My parents treat me like I am 2! My sister and brother get to walk to school. I have to get the bus. My brother always beats me up. I get blamed for it.

When my sister put Javex in the wash, guess who got blamed for it? I wish I was taller. I am the smallest in my class! Sometimes my sister has to baby-sit me and she always says it is my fault. My brother's friends call me Shorty. When I go somewhere I can't see a thing because I am too short."

That was Nina's side of the story. Let's go see what her older sister, Denise, has to say.

"I think my sister has the life. Mom practically does her homework for her. When he dumb Barbies are on the floor I have to pick them up. She doesn't do chores. My brother always hides my make-up. This is why I sleep out a lot."

That was Denise's side of the story. Let's go see what her older brother, Wayne, has to say.

"Clean it up!!!"
"I hate being oldest. When I do something wrong, I get in big trouble because I am supposed to know the difference. Like when I got a D in my French test. But it is fun; I get to drive, I get whatever I want, whenever I want. But then there is Nina. I get blamed for everything she does. Even when she makes a mess in the kitchen, I have to clean it up.

When my friends are here they think she is so cute. When she clogs ups the sink with make up, I get blamed. That is why I hide her make up all the time."

"Hi, I am Donna. I think being a mother stinks. My youngest girl Nina always makes a mess in the kitchen, but Denise always cleans it up. My middle child Denise always clogs up the sink, but Wayne always cleans it up. When Wayne hides Denise's make up I always have to clean it up off the carpet."

Now let's see the dad of this family.

"Hi. I am Kerry. I think being a dad is great. I don't have to put up with any of this because I work until 10:00 p.m. I go to work at 6:00 a.m."

The Dad leaving for work

Now let's go see the aunt's side of the story.

"Hi, I am Judy. I'm an aunt. The only reason I live here is because I have a crush on our next door neighbour. I am always over at his house, so I only eat and sleep in this house. Are you happy? Now go away."

Okay, okay, I am going away.

Let's go report our story to the police. You get an A+ for your story and so will all you guys for recording this cool story.