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Radio: Audio Editing Software

There are lots of audio editing software programs out there. Cool Edit and Goldware are free or shareware programs you can download. They seem to be a favourite among students and schools:

Cool Edit
This program is used by many schools across Canada. Cool edit works with over a dozen different audio formats, so it's great for working on audio from different sources. Edit, mix, and manipulate.

Cool Edit 2000 download
Cool Edit Pro download

Cool Edit tutorials

This program features direct to disk editing and numerous effects such as doppler and distortion.

Download Goldwave
Tutorial and FAQ's


Other Editing Software you can purchase:

Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge (PC) -
This is an affordable, yet professional program to editing your audio tracks and preparing them for radio, or the Web.

Real Producer Plus (MAC/PC/Linux/Solaris) -
This commercial version of the Real Producer includes a wide range of encoding schemes and filters for both audio and video.

Encoding your audio file into RealOne Media:

RealOne is the format SNN uses to place audio files on the Net. You will need to download the Real Audio Encoder and Real Player.

Real One Player - Windows 98 required

Real One Player download- Windows 95 & others

The Real Audio Encoder


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