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Nova Scotia
Education Cuts

Students Protest Education Cuts

In the last week I have attended two protests concerning the Nova Scotian education cuts. These protests have made me proud to be a student. It is an amazing feeling to be united with so many other students and teachers fighting for a cause. It is a shame that such a drastic occurrence has caused this unity.
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Predators can stalk children on Internet

As more and more children have access to computers and the internet, more and more are also becoming victims of a new type of predator - a child predator on the internet. Making the internet a dangerous place for a child.
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The plight of Chechnya

Chechnya--a war-torn land of devastation. At the hands of Russian officials, the Chechen people are bombed, beaten, raped, tortured and shot. Hundreds upon hundreds of people have been killed.
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Underground Railroad to Freedom

For many people, when asked about black history,
one of the first things that would come to mind would
be slavery. This was a horrific time in the United States
for all black people.
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Make Love, Not War - reliving the seventies on tv

"Make Love, Not War" was a favorite line of hippies in the 60's and 70's, and it seems to be the motto of a sitcom titled "That 70's Show".
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The playoffs begin

The playoffs begin. The regular season is finished, and all the teams that are in will play to win the opportunity to drink out of Lord Stanley's Cup. The playoffs start on April 12/00.
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