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Tips for Online Writing  

The Internet gives you, the student, a whole new forum for expressing your ideas and publishing your articles.


However, there are a few things you need to know about using the internet instead of mainstream media to tell your stories.

You must present your stories slightly differently to catch and hold the attention of online readers. That involves creating links, layering information, writing in different formats, and incorporating audio and video.

The Web offers you excellent resources that explain the way online media differs from other forms and can help you use this exciting new media.

The following are some of best websites we've found :

  • Two veteran reporters have launched what they're calling "Canada's first hyperjournalism site" an investigative reporting project developed specifically for the Web. Paul Benedetti and Wayne MacPhail both worked as writers, reporters and editors in print media before they got involved in new media projects. Their latest collaboration is called "Spin Doctors: Deaths, Deceptions and Dubious Claims Haunt Chiropractors' Bid for Academic Acceptance." .

  • The students at University of King's College School of Journalism in Halifax, Nova Scotia publish an online magazine called Nova News Net. Their instructors have developed a series of workshops that teach journalists how to do things differently to reach an online audience.The Online Workshop Student Manual course is available online.

  • Poynter Institute for Media Studies is a great site to learn about Online Media. It provides a guide to research, writing and design on the Internet

  • J.D. Lasica made the move into the online world after a long career in the newspaper business in the United States. He's currently the New Media columnist for the American Journalism Review and he has also recently begun a monthly column for the Industry Standard magazine.

  • The Online Journalism Review tracks the trends and highlights what's happening in the world of online journalism and new media. Regular columnists offer insights on how to be a better writer and editor for the Web.

  • "Online Journalism: What Works? What Doesn’t?" By Bruce Garrison, University of Miami


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