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Students trek to Ireland to continue connection

A group of students and teachers from Booth Memorial High School are visiting schools in Ireland to continue a partnership that began several years ago.
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Obesity in North America: Where does it end?

Did you realize that more than one-third of the population of North America is overweight? It's no wonder that we have one of the highest heart disease rates in the entire world.
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Newfoundland marks anniversary with song and story

On March 31st, 1999, Newfoundland celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of joining Canada with Soiree '99, a gala event held at Memorial Stadium in the heart of St. John's.
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Teenager joins the fight to protect oceans

Ocean Net is an environmental organization founded and based in Newfoundland. The group's slogan is "instill an ocean conservation ethic".
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Professional athletes: what else do they want?

Today, professional athletes make more money than many company owners. Not only do they make all this money, but they ask for more.
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