Obesity in North America: Where does it end?

Did you realize that more than one third of the population of North America is overweight? It's no wonder that we have one of the highest heart disease rates in the entire world.
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There's no life like it, says army reservist

Many would ask what ever possessed me to join the army reserves. I see it as mostly a learning experience. By joining the reserves, I will enhance my physical as well as my mental abilities.
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Smoking - what is the point?

Can anybody tell me why there are more people smoking today than ever before? It's because so many more young kids, especially teenagers are trying it.
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Cruising creates excess traffic on streets

Cruising. A favourite past-time of people with nothing else to do. Hours and hours on end, up and down the street. You begin to wonder if cruising is their job.
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Kosovo crisis makes Canadians recognize their good fortune

I sit here with a stack of newspaper articles in front of me. There is a program on CNN, and I am sure that if I turn on the radio, I will hear the same story - the story of the suffering in Kosovo.
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