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Canada's children face challenges but make progress

Recently, a 72 page report, "The Progress of Canada's Children 1998", was released publishing a wealth of information concerning the different aspects of the lives of Canadian children according to recent studies.
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Strip searches makes student question court ruling

The new ruling that the Supreme Court of Canada has made affects students in many ways. As a student, when I heard about the ruling I was quite pleased with it
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Are drugs taking over the music industry?

"Whatever route someone's going to take, they should look a little bit into it before they take that route," said Shannon Hoon, the front man of the group "Blind Melon", in an interview with Much Music the same year he died of a drug overdose at age 28.
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Sports teams struggle to raise money to travel

"In an ideal world, the school board should have to pay, but we're living in a world where resources are scarce so we have to fund raise," says John Martin, the Secretary treasurer of the school board.
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