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Canada's children face challenges but make progress

Recently, a 72 page report, "The Progress of Canada's Children 1998", was released publishing a wealth of information concerning the different aspects of the lives of Canadian children according to recent studies.
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More than a Musical Ride: the RCMP 'March West'

Imagine yourself sitting high in the saddle, riding west, recreating the historic ride of the Mounties.
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Making dreams come true: Corner Brook hosts the Canada Winter Games

All eyes will be on Corner Brook, Newfoundland when the Canada Winter Games begin there next month.
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Students find cool clothes at cool prices in thrift stores

When you walk down the halls of at our school, it is amazing to see how diverse some of the fashion is despite the lack of teen-oriented stores in Port Hardy.
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Supreme Court says teachers can search students

You think the stuff in your lockers and backpacks are safe in school? Think again.
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Teachers lose beards to help Hurricane Mitch's victims

When the Grade 6 students of Banded Peak School heard about Hurricane Mitch in Honduras, they put together a project called Operation Hope.
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Searching for jobs difficult for young people

Jobs are very important to everyone's future. As a youth, if you don't have a job you probably can't afford to go on to post-secondary education.
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