Should teen parents have the option of in-school daycare?

By Melanie McMillin
Highland Secondary School
Comox, British Columbia

It would be a hard decision. On the one hand, you have something that could make your life complete and give you such joy you may never lack it again. On the other, you have your future and complete freedom and sole responsibility to do whatever you want.

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This is the situation that some of the students in this school have found themselves placed in. They have unselfishly chosen to no longer live the life of a normal teenager, but instead wake and spend all day worrying and caring for their new child.

Teen pregnancy is something that has become very common in our area in the last year or so. Although it is a problem that has been around for years, I personally have never seen so many cases in this school at one time. These teen mothers have made a decision not to destroy a life, but to help one and I think that we as a school should support them with their decision and respect it.

One way that I can think of that could help them is by having a daycare in our school. I don't know myself if we have ever had a daycare set up in the school in the past but it is definitely something that we should consider for now! It is not just teens who have recently been having babies -- several teachers have also become pregnant and had babies over the last year.

If we set up a daycare, think of all the ways that the school could benefit! Those students thinking of going into teaching in pre-schools, daycare or even those who want to go into a medical field dealing with children could benefit from just learning how to deal with the children and could have work experience credits by helping out. Students in Art classes could help decorate the room and the wood class could help with furniture. There are many ways that the different departments of the school could get involved and help. It wouldn't have to be huge, but it would make a difference and help these teens and teachers from having to transfer or even drop out of our school to look after their babies.

These teen parents have a lot to deal with right now and by having a daycare in the school we could help take when problem off their hands. Is that such a bad thing? Many schools have done this in the past and it has worked out well for them. I think that Highland should add their name to the list of schools with daycare. This is a real problem and the solution is an attainable one. What do you think? Daycare at Highland?