A leader from the last millennium: Gandhi preached peace

A few weeks ago, as I was flipping through various television channels saturated with pre-millennial hype, I came across yet another millennium awards show, recognizing several important events and people of the past 1000 years.
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Should teen parents have the option of in-school daycare?

It would be a hard decision, on one hand you have something that could make your life complete and give you such joy you may never lack it again, on the other you have your future and complete freedom and soul responsibility to do whatever you want.
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People should butt out in public places

The Workers' Compensation Board in British Columbia has created a law against smoking in workplaces or buildings in order to create a safe and healthy workplace for all workers in this province. On April 15, 1998 they took action. It wasn't until January 1, 2000 that the standards of this new law fully applied to the workplaces.
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Final exams: A modern ritual of maturity

Personal merit from months of work and classroom learning is either affirmed or destroyed within a single sitting of a few hours. And, oddly enough, as one gets higher in the grades, and one's marks become all the more important (and actually relevant to one's life and future), these
wretched exams come to hold all the more weight.
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