Living young in Winkler

Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Will Letkeman (Grade 12)

When talking to the youth of Winkler, you will hear that for them this town is just great, especially in the summer. There are many great aspects to living in a small town, but for how much longer will it stay that way?

It is not a big secret that Winkler is one of the fastest growing communities in Manitoba, but it is not yet a city. Most youth like the community just as it is, but they say a few more people couldn't hurt. In recent interviews with a few youth, I found they had many good things to say about Winkler.

"It's a peaceful place to live right now and there are a lot of good people here," Chris Loewen says.

Asked if they would change anything, the answer was clear: They really like it here and change is good as long as it isn't too drastic. Living here as a youth might be hard in some ways, but for the most part this is a great place to be brought up in. Seeing ourselves somewhere else just isn't possible.

"I am happy right where I am and I hope to retire here as well, " Loewen says.

I guess, in a way, it does not matter what age one is, the advantages and disadvantages come out to be about the same.

As John Krahn, the Mayor of Winkler, says," The young people of this town are the future and what you make of Winkler is entirely up to you." Even though Winkler is growing that doesn't mean we have to lose our small-town spirit.

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