Newfoundland students go online with the Queen

Musgravetown High School
Musgravetown, Newfoundland

By Leslie Ann Chislett (Grade 12) and Collette Baker (Grade 11)

Hometown crowd watches via Information Highway

High school students from Musgravetown High School got the opportunity of a life time -- to meet Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, and to showcase their on-line course Global Issues 3205.

The course was already a part of the students' curriculum. However, it was developed into an on- line course to allow students to find information about many important issues world-wide. One of the largest supporters of the new on-line course is STEM-Net, which is the computer network for Newfoundland and Labrador students and teachers.

Global Issues uses Web CT, a program that gives students of Newfoundland with the ability to do courses on-line. It is the first on-line course developed in Newfoundland, and even in Canada.

The Department of International Trade and the Department of Foreign Affairs -- in cooperation with Industry Canada -- recently took over responsibility of Canada House in Trafalgar Square in London, England. They renovated the house and decided to use it to showcase Canadian Technologies in London.

Musgravetown High School was invited and sponsored by Industry Canada, SchoolNet and STEM~Net to travel there and take part in the grand opening. Grave 11 students Angela Thomas and Jason Wiseman, along with their teacher, Lyndon Williams, made their way to London, England on May 8.

As part of the festivities, Lyndon, Angela, and Jason were introduced to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. They explained what was involved in Global Issues and showed her the online course material.

Back home at Musgravetown High School their fellow students, teachers, and parents watched with anticipation and admiration via Internet and satellite. During the conference, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and singer Bryan Adams made appearances from Llondon, with Adams waving to the students in Musgravetown. Media types from CBC News and The Clarenville Packet were there to do interviews with some of the students about the day and how they felt about their course and accomplishments.

When asked about his feelings and opinions about Global Issues and their accomplishments, Mr. Whytie Horlick, principal and teacher of the course, had this to say:

"There are many factors that contributed to the course getting so far, so fast and they are, great students, an extremely dedicated, hardworking staff, a clear vision of where we wanted to go, and the support of our key partners including SchoolNet, STEM~Net, Cable Atlantic, Industry Canada, The Center for Tele-Learning and Rural Education, Faculty of Education at MUN and Vista School District."

At the end of the day, everyone was relieved by the success of the presentation -- proof of the accomplishments of Musgravetown High School.

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