Young stars show their stuff

Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Chris Loewen (Grade 12)

Future Perfect, a comedic play by Peter Griffith, held the stage at Garden Valley Collegiate on the evenings of March 19-21.

Directed by Ms. Val Harder, the play featured six GVC students. Crystal Hiebert appeared as Janie Doramus and Supergirl. Mark Loewen was cast as Shawn, Buck and Digestia. Jodi Falk took the roles of Davina and the Teacher. The characters of Cindy and Mascara were played by Melissa Loewen. Marlen Mussiggang, an exchange student from Germany, appeared as Harriet and Maxine. Scott Graham played Atombomska and the Announcer.

The comical "Future Perfect" took a look at the life of a spunky and stubborn girl named Janie Doramus. Her motto is "do it your way, and become world famous." The play was complete with villians, hunky men, and a happy ending.

The play's intended audience was definitely of a younger persuasion. When Jodie Lee was asked about how she thought the play was received she said, "I think the younger audience enjoyed it more. It was more intended for younger people, but the adults enjoyed it as well."

It seemed that the play's comical theme made it appealing to young and old alike.

One of the problems of this recent production was the low number of people in attendance. Some of this may be due to the lack of publicity for the play. At least one of the actors felt that there could have been more hype and advertising to get people in the seats.

The people who were not in the seats missed some entertaining local acting talent. Asked about the play's strong points, one of the stars stated: "They were the acting -- the talent was good."

The strong acting was nothing short of amazing since the oldest actor was Crystal Toews, a student in Grade 11. The brightest star was Grade 9 acting-sensation Mark Loewen, whose stage antics kept everyone laughing. Jodie Falk also displayed confidence that one rarely sees in a Grade 9 student. For the entire cast, the future does look perfect.

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