"Get out of my room, NOW!"

I.J Samson Junior High
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Ricky C. (Grade 9)

If you asked almost anyone who has a younger brother or sister, they would probably say that he or she is very annoying. People like me, and like my friend Stanley, believe this is so.

My brother, Matthew, can be the most annoying person in my life. He is eleven, and has dark brown hair with blue eyes. He blames me for leaving dishes around and making messes (so I end up cleaning them when I'm already doing something else). However, he only does this when he is in the mood. Sometimes he's fine, but the next minute, he's playing the guitar or his CD's on the loudest setting while I'm watching television. There I am, watching "Home Improvement" (my favourite show), and all of a sudden, the sound goes off or the channel switches. Then when I turn back, or the sound goes back on, everyone is laughing on the show. I missed the joke! When I was coming back from a St. John's Maple Leafs game one day, he sat behind me in the car and decided to click his tongue about a million times. He is so annoying! But, of course, I have my ways of getting back.

The way I get back is by pretty much doing the same things he does to me... but worse. For example, if he annoys me while watching T.V., I just take the remote, and on my way out of the room, I turn the television off and hide the remote.

But then there's the issue of him ratting on me to mom or dad. Matthew annoys me first, I annoy him back, he tells. I get in trouble. Sometimes we both get in trouble, but sometimes it's just me and that's when it's the worst. I'm sure that little brothers are annoying, but Stanley assures me that sisters are just as bad.

"My little sister annoys me once or twice a day, and sometimes more", says Stanley, a friend in the class next to me.

"She comes into my room and takes my CD's without asking. She takes my pencils, sharpens them down until they're useless, and then decides to get off her worthless butt and return them. And she has her diminutive friends in my room when I'm gone and leaves a mess for me to clean up", says Stanley.

However, he has his way of getting back, too. "When she's lying down reading, I let the dog in the room. Unless I'm feeling really nasty, and that's when I'll usually steal all of her underwear and put it somewhere where she'll never suspect it to be." Everyone has his or her way of getting back, but the little brothers and sisters always end up telling (the little rats).

When I asked Stanley, "Does your sister tell on you when you get her back?", he said "The majority of the time, but then I do something meaner."

I then asked him, "And if she tells after that happens?" He replied, "Then I'm treading in deep water. She's just basically an annoyance."

I had already written this article up to this point once before without saving it, but Matthew wanted to know what I was writing, so he shut the computer off I had to type the whole thing again! 0I'll get him back for that one when he's least expecting it. I think that Matthew should be put in some sort of institute where he would be annoyed.

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