I.J. Samson Junior High
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Adrienne M. (Grade 9)

I'm going to Mars; want to come, too?

Books provide us with a look into another world and a chance to forget the real world. There are many types of books, like mystery books, which I like because they have a lot of suspense. There are also scary books, like horror stories, which I do not like. There are fantasy books, as well, which allow you to pretend you are something you are not. You can imagine that you are an alien from the planet Mars. Also, books can provide us with information about different countries and their cultures. Out of all the books in the world, there is usually something for everyone.

My favorite type of book is an interesting mystery book. It keeps me wondering, and thinking about who the robber, murderer, alien, or whatever, might be. Mystery books are really great to read when you are looking for a bit of action and suspense.

Another type of book is fantasy. For these books you need to have a good imagination. Fantasy books are also interesting to read but, as I said, without a good imagination, all the characters and things in the book will seem unreal and weird. An alien in outer space might be something that you would have to imagine while reading a fantasy book. In fantasy books you need to be able to suspend reality and enter a new world.

Another type of book some people like to read is horror stories. These books are usually about disgusting and horrifying things like what an alien might look like. The things in these books you would not want to face in reality.

Some people like to read about other people's lives and how they lived. These books are called biographies; they are usually about people who are stars. These books are very informative and very interesting. I like to read about the lives of figure skaters.

One other type of book that is informative and instructs people is the "How-To" book. These books can help people to learn many different things ranging from learning how to do a craft, like knitting,to learning how to fix a car.

I interviewed my mom and asked her some questions about books and how they affect her life. When asked what types of books she likes to read in her spare time she said, "I like suspense novels, family sagas, historical novels, biographies, and fantasies."

I have a favourite novel so I asked my mom what was her favourite novel. She replied, "The Novel by James Michener."

My mom likes how you can get to learn about different countries and different life experiences. "I like how books take me into another world," she explained.

My mom also said that from every book she has read, she learned something either about life or about different places, or about different jobs, and generally about the human condition. "Books provide information for some people and relaxation for others. I find that I read books for information, not for relaxation", she explained, but my mom says she reads books for both reasons.

Books help us to take a look into another world like Mars and to forget the real world. Books are fun, interesting, and informative. They help us to live and to survive.

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