CD: Aqua - Aquarius

Three tedious years have crawled by before this capricious Danish quartette introduced a new album after their highly successful debut chart-topper Aquarium. Right out of the recording studios in Scandinavia, Aquarius is yet another Europop/Dance collection Aqua has released to the worldwide market.
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A Hero will Rise: A Review of "Gladiator"

If you want to see a truly spectacular epic that takes place in Ancient Rome, this is definitely the one to see. Set in the time when Rome was the world, this movie gives you a sense of what it was like to be a Roman.
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The Alberta hills are alive with the sound of music!

Take a deep breath and blow that horn! The Rockies may have been a wink away, but this weekend all eyes were on the leader of the band. Students from across the nation took part in the ninth annual "Canadian Rocky Mountain Festival" held in Banff AB, May 6-9.
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