Winter Games

Thanks Canada -- the pleasure was all ours!

By Elliott Sheaves
Presentation Junior High
Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Elliott and Melanie during
the live webcast

We are no longer anticipating the arrival of the games. They have arrived and the dream is real. The excitement has grown and inflated over the past four years and is now ready to explode.

The games began with an unforgettable opening ceremonies. Corner Brook's new Civic Centre was filled to capacity by Newfoundlanders, relatives of the athletes and honoured guests.Their enthusiasm and spirit made you proud to be not only a Newfoundlander but a Canadian.

The simultaneous flashing of cameras added to the incredible lights and music show that was preformed as the athletes paraded into the stadium, lead by an energetic Games' mascot, Tattuit. They must have filled up with emotion from the atmosphere created by all in attendance.

Greeted by a friendly handshake from our province's premier, Brian Tobin and Prime Minister Jean Chrètien, the athletes made their way to their seats and enjoyed the show. The Newfoundland music that played throughout the opening ceremonies created a mood unlike any other. It was Corner Brook, Newfoundland's moment in the spotlight. As the athletes finished dancing and the organisers bid them good luck, they realised that we were all going to step aside and allow them to take centre stage. It was their time to shine - and shine they did.

The blood, sweat and tears that was put into the games is the one reason why it was the most successful ever. For any city, large or small, the task of organising and keeping good care of over 3300 athletes and coaches and nearly 9000 volunteers would almost be impossible, but the host committee accepted all the criticism, shrugged their shoulders and in a confident voice continued chanting "Yes We Can!". Their attitude and kindness overwhelmed all who attended the games and I believe most people returned home with an all new perspective on the city of Corner Brook and the province of Newfoundland.

The Catch performing at
the Opening Ceremonies

For the first time in the history of the games, Newfoundland was represented in every sport, giving the hometown crowd something to cheer for. They had a very good showing compared to the rest of Canada. However, the rest of Canada was not to be outplayed. Corner Brook hosted some of the best sportsmanship and athletic talent that Canada has to offer. Whether it was hockey, boxing, gymnastics, figure skating or badminton, the sitting area was filled with energetic fans. They left the arenas far from disappointed as they witness the unquestionable talent that our great country has to offer.

Melanie, Elliott and
the TSN Reporters

For me, the games were something that I feel will never be forgotten. Whether you volunteered, watched the events or participated as an athlete, the memories will be with you always.

"YES YOU DID!" Corner Brook, Newfoundland, "YES YOU DID!"