Good and evil face off in thrilling fantasy

By Kelly Osadchuk
Westgate Collegiate
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Villains By Necessity by Eve Forward is a deep dive into a pool of fantasy and it's a great book for an author's first novel.

Dragons, knights, magic, elves...all the parts needed to make a good fantasy novel are in there. Mixed in with it all is a bit of humour and some plot twists that make you do a bit of thinking.

The story takes place in a world where good and evil were engaged in a lengthy war. With the help of six Heroes, the side of light won, and banished all darkness from the world. What the Heroes did not know was that without an equal balance of light and dark, the world would
collapse on itself.

A small group of villains, the last people of darkness left in the world, found out about the danger of the imbalance and set out on a quest to collect the six segments of the Spectrum Key.
With the key, they could open the Dark Gate and restore darkness and evil to the world, thus restoring the balance. But the quest won't be easy, because the entire world is against them.

This is a great story for anyone from the first-time fantasy readers to the well-read veterans. And even if the only time you read is when forced to in English class, this is a book you won't want to put down until you're finished.

Eve Forward
Villains by Necessity
Paperback, Tor Books, 1996

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