It's time to test your brain power again with the SNN Trivia Quiz! This new feature tests your knowledge of current events, entertainment, sports, journalism and SNN itself! The SNN features ten questions -- some easy, other a little more difficult! But the answers to all of them can be found within the SNN website. You just have to look for them!

All you have to do is fill out the form, check the correct answers and send it to SNN. The winners will be announced within two weeks and posted here. The prizes include SNN's cool new computer mousepad.

The winner of Feburary's contest was: Ian Foster of Bishop's College in St. John's

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The SNN Trivia Quiz

1. The specialty channel, History Television, was launched in Canada on October 17, 1997. That's the same date as:
The 80th anniversary of the Russian Revolution.
The fall of the Berlin Wall.
The birth of Michael Jackson'a first child.
The opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Seoul.

2. A high school student from St. John's has won a prestigious scholarship that will allow him to attend univeristy for four year. Where does Jeff Baggs plan to go to university?
University of Victoria
University of Toronto
King's College
Queen's University

3.Fencing was one of the sporting events that took place at the Canada Winter Games in Corner Brook. There are three kinds of fencing, named for the type of sword that's used. Which of these is NOT a kind of sword?

4. In the Opinion section, Jonathon Claassen writes that going to movies is one way for him to spend some time with his parents. What kind of movie is his whole family likely to enjoy together?
mob movie

5. One of SNN's Junior Reporters, Tiffany Pangburn, argues that smoking takes away precious minutes from people's lives. In her research, she learned that thousands of Canadians die from smoking-related conditions each year. How many?

6. On April 1, the North West Territories will be divided and a new territory called Nunavut will be officially established. The Nunatsiuq News is the weekly newspaper serving people in the region. Where is its main office?
Rankin Inlet

7. Our regular entertainment reviewer, Kelly Osadchuk, takes a look at a book by Eve Forward called "Villains By Necessity". How many novels did Forward publish before this one?

8. Wheelchair basketball brings together disabled and able-bodied athletes on the same team. There are 12 players on each team. How many have a disability?


9. The Reporter's Toolbox offers tips on doing effective web searches. First, you need an Internet connection and a browser. Then, you need to use a search engine to look for information on the Web. Which of these is NOT a search engine?

Internet Explorer

10. A new section in the Reporter's Toolbox looks at the various forms a story can take. What kind of story explores an issue in depth, adds context and background and includes a number of different voices?

News brief
Feature article


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