Students and teachers open Education Week with webcast ceremony

By Mike Power
Bishop's College
St. John's, Newfoundland

Education Week in Newfoundland began on March 1 with an opening ceremony at Holy Sprit High School in Manuels. Usually this would not be a big ceremony and it would only take place in the Minster of Education's office. But the people in Holy Sprit decide to make a big deal by broadcasting it live over the Internet.

The theme for this Education week was "Let's Celebrate Education -Yesterday Today and Tomorrow". This ceremony was set up to tell us about are history of Education in Newfoundland. It traced the history of education from the one-room schoolhouse to Memorial University of Newfoundland and maybe even gave us a glimpse of tomorrow.

The ceremony was a very big deal for the people at Holy Spirit but it was also a big deal for the Principal Dave Lawlor.

"We must continue to dream to create the vision of were we want are schools to be," said Lawlor.

There were many people at the ceremony such as Judy Foote, the minister of education, and Fred
Andrews, the vice president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association.

The beginning of Education Week was a very big thing because anyone around the world could watch it because for the first time ever it was broadcast live via the Internet. The people at STEM~Net, which is based in the education building in M.U.N, brought this to you.

Foote was at the opening ceremonies to sign the proclamation along with the vice president of the teachers association.

"I find it fitting one year before the dawn of the new millennium is the very year that every student through the entire province can participate of the opening ceremonies Via the Internet," says Foote.

She was also making a big deal on how Newfoundland was one of the most plugged in provinces to the Internet.

Andrews says the teachers association has been around since 1936 and has helped in many ways with the education of young Newfoundlanders.

"It is truly the time to celebrate education to all the technology given to all the children of Newfoundland and Labrador," says Andrews.

Some of the students in the school from the Improv team did a skit, which showed education from the past, present and future. They started in the one-room schoolhouse and went on to the high schools of today. Maybe in the future we will be taught by robots, not teachers.

After the Improv team was done, it was time for the reading and signing of the proclamation of Education Week. It was read by two young student in French and English. Then, Judy Foote and Fred Andrews signed the proclamation and the ceremonies were over.