Not Undecided about The Undecided

By Steve Wiebe
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

After three years of touring around Southern Manitoba and playing small shows and opening up for people, The Undecided has their first album on a major record label. The self-titled album is their first on Tooth & Nail Records and contains 18 tracks of punk-rock music. Although the CD contains mostly newer songs, there are a couple of tracks from the group's 1996 non-label recording.


The Undecided--consisting of Matt Fast on vocals, John Paul Peters on guitar, Dan Thomas on bass, and Steve Dueck on drums--boasts a fast, tight, punk-rock style. It's not really comparable to other types of punk. The Undecided manage a unique style that matches perfectly the unusual vocals of Matt Fast.

All songs on the new album are The Undecided originals and speak directly for the band members. The songs are based on personal experiences and nearly all them are easy to understand because they look inside the lives of The Undecided.

Not yet being very well known yet, The Undecided may find this album is a good springboard into the music scene. Their bright comical cover to the CD will also draw people to it.

Containg excellent musical talent, the album has no flaws. John Paul Peters manages a wide variety of quick little riffs and also some longer solo type riffs. This first album is sure to draw all punk-rock fans into The Undecided following.