Are part-time jobs as glorious as they seem?

By Karla Falk
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

Part-time jobs always seem like they'd be great. It would be nice to always have money in the pocket and hang out with friends, to have no more gloomy looks trying to scrape out the bottom of that piggy bank or be scared that Mom and Dad might 'blow up' if you ask for money again. Or is it exactly the opposite? Once you have the job and money, you don't have any time left over to spend it?


Teens don't realize how time-consuming it is to attend school and have a part-time job. There's not much time left for life, outside of school and work. Susie, a G.V.C. student, says: "There's no time for friend., All my friends work and have different time schedules, so we never seem get together anymore." Does this sound like a good way to spend your last high-school years?

Many bosses tend to take advantage of students. "My boss tends to treat me different because I'm younger," says Erin. One boss told a student to come to work every day after school and to hang around for one to two hours to see if they would be need extra help. "Since you're a student, they overload you, thinking you'll take as many shifts as given," says Susie. "Sometimes they say you'll work someone else's shift without even asking you."

Attending school and holding up a job, not only doesn't allow time for friends but, it also takes away your time for doing homework and studying for tests. Life often tends to get fairly stressful for these teens. "My marks have gone down since my job," says Erin.

Having a bit of extra cash is always nice, but you are going to be working for the rest of your life. Why not get involved in school, play sports, drama, hang out with friends, and get good grades? These are things in life which you may really regret if you miss out on. Have some fun and live a bit, before you get caught up in all of the responsibilities of being an adult.