Human rights violated in Afghanistan

United Nations officials say women's human rights are violated in Afghanistan.
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Are part-time jobs as glorious as they seem?

Part-time jobs always seem like they'd be great. It would be nice to always have money in your pocket and hang out with friends. Or is it exactly the opposite? Once you have the job and money, you don't have any time left over to spend it?
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Digital Apocalypse: Bringing the world unharmed into the new millennium

The Y2K bug has been exterminated. Chalk the digital apocalypse up to an urban myth, or a technology scam. The Y2K bug is defunct. As the world watched expectantly for havoc, the clock rolled from 1999 to 2000 with few glitches.
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New computer courses create 'job-ready' students

Think about ripping computers apart, playing with them, and working with them to your heart's content, and getting credit for it. That is exactly what you do in a new IT courses at Garden Valley Collegiate.
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