"The Green Mile" deserves four-star rating

By Michelle Lefeuvre
Hope Secondary School
Hope, British Columbia

Tired of all the comedy movies currently playing in theaters? Do you want to see a good, dramatic film? Or do you need to watch a good tear-jerker movie? Then, you should definitely go see The Green Mile!

The movie takes place in 1935, on Death Row in a Southern prison. The plot is about a gifted man, who is sent to prison for murdering two girls, and the head prison guard. Since it takes place in 1935, the electric chair is used to execute the prisoners. The cast includes Tom Hanks, James Cromwell, David Morse, Michael Clarke Duncan, Bonnie Hunt, and Michael Jeter.

With the use of the electric chair, I found the movie very graphic! During some of the scenes, I had to turn my head because I just couldn't watch. The Green Mile is rated R because of the violence and language. It is also three hours long, but the time flies by quickly.

I gave this movie four stars because it deserves it! It's an excellent movie, one of the best movies I've seen since Titanic or Armageddon. I must warn you about one thing though. I cried a lot near the end of the movie, so if you're the sensitive type, don't forget your tissue!

Rating: ****