Paul Brandt's "Calm Before the Storm"

By Crystal Penner
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

One of Paul Brandt's first albums "Calm Before the Storm" is a really great album. Not only has he recorded this album, but he also put a lot of time into writing and helping other people write the songs he has recorded.

Brandt puts a lot of work into writing and co-writing the songs he sings, but he seems to be a natural at it. He has songs to which you can two-step, slow ballads, as well as some music with fiddle. His voice flows through the music perfectly, and adds good emotion to the songs.


Most of the songs on "Calm Before the Storm" are original, which Brandt has written with help from Mark D. Sanders, Roy Hurd, Rick Bowles, Josh Leo, Lynn Gillespie, Kerry Chater, Tracy Parker, Jimmy Wooten, and Hillman Hall. The song "Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)" was recorded by Johnny Rodriquesz in 1973 and later by Janie Fricke.

The lyrics are both meaningful and emotional. When he worked in a hospital, Brandt would compose songs on his way to work or while at work. One of the songs he came up with the lyrics for in the hospital is "I Meant To Do That." And, in fifteen minutes, the day before a friend's wedding, he wrote "I Do."

This album helps people realize that outer beauty isn't everything. Many of his songs are about love and broken hearts, but the such songs as "12 Step Recovery" tell how to mend those broken hearts.

Paul Brandt is well known in country music and has many fans. Since releasing this album, he has recorded three more. The music of George Strait, Dwight Yoakam and Clint Black have all influenced Brandt and have brought him a long way in his music.

The cover of the album, "Calm Before The Storm" has a black-and-white photograph of Brandt. The only colour on the cover is his name and the title of the album.

One of the good features of the album is that Brandt looks at life the way more people should. He says of the song "On The Inside": "The moment I heard this song, I loved it. I recorded this song because it says something the same way I would. It talks about the different levels of beauty and how important it is to be true to yourself because the highest level of beauty is found on the inside."

Brandt is a natural song writer and musician and deserves a lot of credit. Many people enjoy his music, because he not only includes happy songs, but also songs which are sad and emotional. He is continuing to please people with other albums he has recorded including "Outside The Frame," "That's The Truth," and "A Paul Brandt Christmas."