This month, SNN introduces a new feature that will test your knowledge of current events, entertainment, sports, journalism and SNN itself! The SNN Trivia Quiz features ten questions -- some easy, other a little more difficult! But the answers to all of them can be found within the SNN website. You just have to look for them!

All you have to do is fill out the form, check the correct answers and send it to SNN. The winners will be announced within two weeks and posted here. The prizes include SNN's cool new computer mousepad.

Test yourself against the Trivia experts!

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The SNN Trivia Quiz

1. The first Canada Games coincided with a major occasion in Canadian history. What was that occasion?
Newfoundland's entrance into Confederation.
The 100th anniversary of Canadian Confederation.
The 500th anniversary of the discovery of Newfoundland.
The Olympics in Montreal.

2. Where was the first Winter Games held?
Quebec City

3.The Canada Games have helped many athletes start their competitive careers. In the last Olympics, how many of the Canadian athletes had been previous Canada Games participants?

4. When Much Music host Rebecca Rankin gets ready to interview a musician, what are two of the things she checks out beforehand? (Check two answers)
c-d liner notes
the performer's high school yearbook photo
the artist's astrological sign
the director of the artist's videos

5. Let's say someone sues you for libel after you've written and published a story about them on SNN. What are four defenses against libel?
truth, consent, fair comment and privilege
truth, consent, and the public's right to know
consent, fair comment and privilege
the public's right to know and truth

6. What are the two national daily newspapers published in Canada?
The Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail
Macleans and the National Post
The National Post and the Globe and Mail
The National Enquirer and the Globe and Mail

7. In this month's issue of SNN, a story about role models for young women features this quote from a famous woman: "Feminism is a revolution, not a public relations movement." Who said that?
Courtney Love
Sarah McLachlan
Gloria Steinem
Ally McBeal

8. The 1999 East Coast Music Awards were presented in St. John's, Newfoundland, earlier this month. Which artist or group swept the awards, taking home five awards?

The Rankins
Great Big Sea
Johnny Favorite Swing Orchestra
Bruce Guthro

9. The Prime Minister of Canada was criticized recently for not attending the funeral of a world leader. Jean Chretien was skiing in British Columbia and could not make it to the funeral in time. What's the name of the leader who died?

Saddam Hussein
Yitzak Rabin
King Hussein
Boris Yelstin

10. One of the award-winning essays in this month's Science and Technology section looks at the impact that science and technology have on the arts. It specifically explores:

The design of musical instruments and concert halls
Special effects created for movies by computers
The formulation of stage make-up
The geology of the stone used by native carvers


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