Prime Minister of Canada skips Hussein's funeral

By Crystal Martin
Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, Newfoundland


 On February 7th, one of the world's greatest leaders in peace died. He was King Hussein of Jordan. Some of the most important leaders of the free world were at his funeral the next day. Except one.

The Leader of Canada , Prime Minister Jean Chretien, did not attend the funeral. Why, do you ask, did our leader not pay his respects to one of the foremost leaders in the struggle for peace? He was busy on a skiing vacation.

How can one man, who represents Canada, not go to that funeral? He says that there wasn't enough time to get a plane to fly him there. U.S. president Bill Clinton went to it and he has enough troubles as it is. Russian president Boris Yeltsin went and he is on his last legs and very sick. He went against the advice of his doctor even. Even the leader of the Palestines went and bid his farewells, and made peace with King Hussein.

Jean Chretien got a very angry talking to from all the leaders of the national parties. In Cabinet, they all criticized him for not going. All Chretien did was say he was sorry and hold up a sign that said so.

How will the world view Canada now? Our leader wasn't even respectful enough to go the funeral of a man who lived for peace. Jean Chretien's head should be bowed in shame for not taking the time out of his vacation to go to that funeral. It set a very bad example about the
rest of us.

I doubt that Jean Chretien will ever live this event down. Perhaps he should go down to Jordan and apologize to all the Jordanians and to the late King Hussein's son, the new king of Jordan. That's really what he should do to make things right. Maybe next time some very important leader dies, he should attend. Either that, or have a better excuse for not going.