A Musical Potpourri

Discovery Collegiate
Bonavista, Newfoundland

By Jill H. (Grade 12)

"Hook, Line, and Net 97" was a computer conference held in Gander, Newfoundland from August 19-21. Along with the educationl computer sessions for students and adults, the participants were able to take part in "Entertainment Night" at the Arts and Culture Centre. The title of the concert was "A Musical Potpourri." A "musical potpourri" it was.

Scheduled performers were Sheldon McBreairty and Terry Noonan, Joseph and Glenda Patron, Carm Hill, Nicholls & Company, Gander's Country Stompers, Chris Eisan and Company, and host Darren Bursey.

Darren Bursey began the show with a hearty "Welcome to all my fans!". He was a good host, getting the audience of about 50 involved with his good humor. The first performer was Sheldon McBreairty. He played four traditional Newfoundland songs including two Dermot O'Rielly songs.

Next up were Joseph and Glenda Patron. They added a different but interesting twist to the show with their Phillipino Folk Dance. After they finished their performance Bursey got up and jokingly said, "I taught them that!".

Carm Hill's performance was definitely the highlight of the night. The first song she sang was Madonna's "You Must Love Me". For her second song, Hill invited five of the Hook, Line and Net 97 participants to join her on CCR's "Proud Mary". The five girls acted as background dancers for the song.

After Carm Hill's performance, a group called Nicholls and Company took the stage. They first played their own version of "I'se the Bye" and ended with a couple of songs by Stan Rogers. This group's harmony and vocals were great.

To end off the show, Gander's Country Stompers danced to three songs. These songs included two country songs and a country-dance remix. There were about ten dancers in the group, all wearing white t-shirts, blue jeans and cowboy boots. Carm Hill also joined the ten dancers. She wore a contrasting outfit, consisting of black pants and a shawl.

There was a disappointing "no-show" for a couple of performers. Terry Noonan, who was scheduled to play with Sheldon McBreairty, did not appear and a local rock band, Chris Eisan and Company, also did not perform.

Below are avi clips of the concert.

Carm Hill with back-up
Various Performers
Carm Hill with back-up 2

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