You asked for it: now there's no turning back!!

Bishops College
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Jonathan M. (Grade 10)

They are the largest distributor of Animation...WORLDWIDE!! They have been serving the public since 1989, and now, they've gone online. They are AnimEigo, and they have created one of the deepest sites on the Internet. I've visited this web page, and have checked every single section and sub-section of its every nook and cranny (ouch!). Now I've come back to write and inform the world about this very cool web page.

As soon as you enter its welcoming page (, you are bombarded with a large selection of area's to visit, such as Distribution, Image Gallery, and my personal favorite, Chat. This web page offers you the choice of purchasing a selection of Japanese Animation (dubbed and subtitled - remember they are the foremost experts), looking at artwork by some very talented artists, and visiting a plethora of chat rooms.

If you do choose to visit the one of the chat rooms, you must choose from an index of rooms to visit. They are: The parlor (polite conversation), the Bulletin Board (no chat, just leave someone a message), the Nook (private conversation), the Club House (Jurai Meetings, don't ask me what they are, I wasn't in there long enough), and my personal fave, the Back Room (obnoxiousness tolerated, not encouraged).

After you look at the index, you have to go through the screening process. This just means you give your EMAIL address, create a password and choose a nickname, and an avatar (mine is at the top of the article, they don't offer this one on the page, because it's homemade). Once you're through this, pick a chat room, and you're set.

I have had mixed experiences from this. One person in there asked me to send him some artwork (which I gladly agreed to - thinking that at least someone out there appreciates me). While another was a complete gidget, who called me some profane names (I could've taken him on in a battle of wits - but he was obviously unarmed). Luckily there are people like Max, one of the guides, who take care of the garbage.

It's harder to explain the other sections because they are so complex, so I'll leave it at this. This is an excellent page for fans of the Japanese Art style. If you're not, steer clear, because these guys can be downright nasty.

Thanks to Magnus Blue, Kuno, Max, Mseudo, and the others who were extremely helpful while I was collecting information.

"Obnoxiousness tolerated, but not encouraged"

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