Who is to judge whether teens should have sex?

By Michelle March
St. George's High School
New Harbour, Newfoundland

Who's to say that teen sex is wrong? How does anybody really know when you are ready to have sex? People always say you should wait until you get married, wait for the person you truly love, and wait until you are old enough and can handle the consequences.

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There are many things that can help persuade a person not to have sex. You can tell them about all the diseases, AIDS, and pregnancy. But when you think about it, all of those consequences have never stopped the majority of people before, so what is going to be so different now that people will change their minds. Yes, of course, people are much more knowledgeable about sex now then ever before but there is also a lot more publicity. A young child could turn on the television in the middle of the day and it is very possible to see some kind of sexual activity on the television. How is this supposed to stop teenage sex when they are exploited to it when they are so young?

Smoking, drinking and drugs are other examples that can harm you just as bad as STD's. Teens have to make decisions about these three variables, and they are as important as making the decision to have sex. However, there are several things that I found interesting that make sex different from smoking, drinking, and drugs. There is a drug awareness week. There is a group called alcoholics anonymous, and there are signs and television ads that can help persuade you from doing these things. How often do you hear of groups, see television ads, or even a specialized week dedicated to teen sex. There are expectations but it has no comparison to advertisements about smoking, drinking, and drugs.

There are many different warning signs on cigarette boxes. Telling you of the hazards, of the damage, and of the addictions. Have you ever seen a warning on a condom box, stating you could get pregnant, an STD or AIDS? This is something that should be looked upon as a suggestion.

The condom is the number one source of protection among teenagers and this could help stop teens from having sex without thinking first, and it could help prevent the transfer of STD's, AIDS, and could help lower the number of teens getting pregnant.

I think that sex is a decision that can only be made by the person who is considering sex. I think that information on sex should be more available to everyone and thought about more like other teen problems. Then maybe it would get the attention necessary to control teen problems and people would be more open, and honest.