Life Behind a Smoke Screen

By Valerie Taisey
Westgate CVI
Thunder Bay, On

I am sure that all of you smokers are getting really tired of hearing about how bad smoking is, and how if you don't stop you'll get cancer and what not. But those people just don't know what their talking about do they? It could never happen to you right? You're perfectly healthy, right? To all of you, I know your pain.


I have watched friends be part of the smoke screen for the past five years. I call it a smoke screen, because I have noticed that no matter what people tell them or the straight up evidence of smoking's negative effects and the fatalities, they just don't seem to either see it or care. It's like they are blinded by the smoke that they inhale. However, for those of you that have been smoking for a year or more and still think that smoking has had no negative effects on you, try and run two blocks. For those of you who can still run two blocks, how do you feel? Are you having trouble breathing? Perhaps you are feeling a little dizzy? The tar and other chemicals in the cigarettes that you are so in love with, have clogged the cells in your lungs preventing oxygen from getting to your brain and muscles. If any of you can still run two blocks and feel fine, I am proud of you, I definitely didn't think you could do it!

Now I know that some of you feel that you have no reason to run, and therefor you are fine, right? Wrong. You know that big ball of disgusting brownish-yellow phlegm that you cough up all the time? Well, there used to be tiny little threadlike features in your throat called cilia that used to get rid of that on it's own, but since the chemicals in cigarettes has killed them, you now get to do it your self! Yummy!

Can you still say that smoking has had no effect on your life, or physical health? Just take a look at Mrs Marostica's poster at Westgate on the effects of smoking and tell me if you still want a cigarette. It would definitely give me the inspiration to quit.