Dead and loving it!

By Stephen Benabo
Westgate CVI
Thunder Bay, ON

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a bunch dumbfounded people fleeing from a horde of stumbling, moaning, slightly dead folk. If you are unaware of the spectacle I am referring to, you are not familiar with the masterpieces of cinema known as the zombie movie. The remorseless minions of the un-dead slowly fumbling their way around in search of human flesh. It could be considered a truly horrific sight if it were to happen, but if you really think about it, it would just as silly to see as it would be gruesome. Thanks to filmmakers like George A. Romero we can be prepared for the day the dead walk.

These are some of the worst movies you have never seen, but should:


Night of the Living Dead

This is terrifying tale of a trapped group of everyday folk in a rural Pennsylvania farm house trying to defend themselves from the dead that walk. Either the original film or the remake are an excellent cheese ball way to spend movie night. I recommend the original for the horrible acting and the remake for the hilarious encounter between a zombie and a Chevy pick-up.



Dawn of the Dead

This is a twisted tale of the quest for human flesh takes place in a truly horrifying environment, the shopping mall. A group of people flee a major Pennsylvania metropolis in a helicopter to escape even more dead people. The real enjoyable aspect of the film is the need held by zombies to continue to go to the mall and hang-out. If there is a truly memorable to the moment to this piece of cinematic cheese it would be a draw between the two zombie children or the result of a zombie getting too close to a helicopter propeller. It is also the only time that you will see the largest collection of zombies with large hair.


Day of the Dead

The result of zombies over running the planet is that we all live in underground military facilities. The rampant zombie hordes are everywhere, and a mad scientist thinks he can control them. You know that can't good. This has the best make up and biggest bunch of slack-jawed militants you will probably see. Paranoia runs rampant.



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