Dealing with Cancer

By Karli Williamson
Westgate CVI
Thunder Bay, On

As I walk into the kitchen the conversation stops. I turn and walk downstairs and get this feeling that my parents are hiding something from me. And it's not good. This has been going on for two weeks now. I go back upstairs and they both look at me. "Is anything wrong?" I ask. They both say no. Three days later my mom says she wants to talk to me. Hopefully I will find out what the big secret is. As I sit down I notice she doesn't look very good. "We put off telling you because we didn't want you to worry," she said. She goes on to tell me that the results of the testing on her mole hadn't come back the way they wanted. She had skin cancer. Melanoma. The worst kind of skin cancer there is.

I'll never forget the sinking feeling I had. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to lose your mother? All the memories I had of my mother ran through my head and I thought that if she died I would not be able to live either. The next month was hell waiting for the test results of the rest of the biopsy. Thankfully, they got it all. There is no more cancer left. She still has to go to the doctor once every year to make sure it is gone and hasn't come back. It's been five years this June and she is still healthy.

I realized that it can happen to anyone. It hit close enough to home to make me think about my sun habits. Wandering around my backyard in just a bathing suit. Spending hours out in the sun uncovered. Not wearing sunscreen. All these things that my mother did that caused her to get skin cancer. Having someone close to you get cancer really can make you change you habits. I don't go outside without sunscreen ever now. I always have a tee-shirt to put on when I'm outside. Since that time I have had 2 moles removed and have felt that anguished feeling of waiting for the results. People don't understand why I would want to have things removed from my body and put up with scars. I only have this to say, I would rather put up with scars on my skin than have no skin at all.